Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rich Bangladeshis Go Overseas For Medical Reasons

Why must Bangladeshi politicians go overseas for medical treatment? In The Daily Star today, it's been reported that Khaleda Zia is going to Singapore in order to seek medical treatment. Others, especially Awami League politicians, like to go to India. And many more head for Europe, Canada, or the United States. This is not just true for politicos, but many prominent businessmen and industrialists also go overseas to have their tonsils checked, or their faces filled with botox, or whatever they need to get done.

Honestly, what are the rich and famous trying to say about Bangladesh’s healthcare system? Forget the poor, they’ve been condemned with substandard service (often no service) for years. This is nothing new. What I like to know: why isn’t there quality healthcare for those who can afford it?