Monday, May 14, 2007

MQM: Terrorists Or Heroes?

Karachi streets are again under a cloud of violence, and there is nothing spontaneous about it. The violence is geared toward supporters of embattled Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, who was in Karachi to give a speech but never made it out of the airport.

The violence was perpetrated by MQM, political party/criminal gang, who control the streets of Karachi and, not to mention, the government of Sindh. They also support President/Dictator For Life Pervez Musharraf, who, according to some, is giving the MQM its marching orders to disrupt Chief Justice Chaudhry’s stay in Karachi as much as possible. KO has details about the MQM and its aloof leader, Altaf Hussain.

Obviously, this is a blatantly transparent attempt to fob the blame for the violence on Chief Justice Chaudhry, whose only crime is his slavish devotion to constitutional norms, which President Musharraf is currently obstructing with aplomb. How soon will President Musharraf declare a state of emergency and shut Karachi (and Pakistan) down? Pakistani Rangers, paramilitary units stationed in Karachi since the mid-1990s, have already been given shoot-to-kill orders. Is martial law next?