Friday, October 19, 2007

US-India Deal Collapse: Commies Are To Blame

Manish over at Ultrabrown pretty much sums up what I think about India dropping out of the historic Indo-US nuclear deal. Manish writes:

At first, the deal seemed dead in its cradle. But all summer long, Bush put on a full-court press and called in favors. Meanwhile, Indian-American lobbying groups turned debutante with this deal, their first big success. When opposition surfaced in the Indian Parliament, the U.S. softened the deal and left its prolif planks toothless.

After all this motion in favor of India, a mangy coalition torpedoed the plan. The BJP had itself championed the deal when it was in power, but now opposed it to score craven political points. And Communists, whose raison d’aitre was thoroughly discredited decades ago, howled because it’s a deal with America.
Humiliation does not even begin to describe it—especially for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who equally championed the deal in Parliament, only to be foiled by a small collective of communists, who continue to burnish their anti-Indian credentials through treasonous behavior.