Friday, October 26, 2007

Jamaat Tries To Rewrite History

Jamaat-e-Islami is at it again, trying to rewrite history, denying its insidious role in Bangladesh’s independence. From The Daily Star:

People from all walks of life yesterday blasted Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed for his Thursday's comments, which they said went against the Liberation War.

Mojaheed on Thursday told the media that Jamaat did not work against the Liberation War in 1971 and there are no war criminals in the country.
This editorial adds a few more salient details:
...He said this before media displaying veritable arrogance and ire when asked about the role of Jamaat-e-Islami during the nine-month Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. To our utter shock and indignation, Mujahid not only denied any wrong-doing by his party but was defiant enough to throw a challenge to the newsmen to dig into the history and find for themselves the role of Jamaat.
What level of ignorance does this man operate from? Did he say this with a straight face? Sadly, denying their grateful and gleeful collaboration with Pakistan to brutalize their fellow Bengalees—all in the name of Islam—is standard operating procedure for Jamaat. Have been doing it for years, in fact.

Fortunately, there is a trove of evidence to counter the blatantly false lies of Jamaat and their supporters. In fact, The Daily Star has published, also in the same issue, an interesting research article clearly documenting Jamaat’s involvement, some even published in their own newspaper! This is what Nizami, a senior Jamaat leader, wrote:
“Hindu forces are far stronger and capable than us. Unfortunately, a number of infidels have taken their side and are trying to weaken us from within. We have to foil their conspiracy and protect the existence and ideal of Pakistan. This is not possible only by defensive action...It is our luck that the Islam-loving youths of this country have been able to form the Al-Badr unit with the help of the Pakistani military...The youths of Al-Badr have renewed their pledge on this stand next to the army to defeat the Hindu forces and annihilate Hindustan and hoist the flag of Islam all over the world."
History condemns Jamaat, and they should accept its verdict. They are lucky none of them have been jailed for their grisly crimes. In fact, various governments since 1971, in acts of cynicism, have not only given Jamaat leaders amnesty, but have rehabilitated them, courted their votes and even made them partners in coalition governments.

This explains why Jamaat says what it says and does what it does: they have not been held to account for their crimes. They got away with it. And this a great shame in Bangladesh today. We can take solace in the fact that history is on the side of the victims—for now.