Friday, April 18, 2008

How To Con A Billion Dollars

From The Pakistan Observer:

London—The US has promised to curb air strikes by drones against suspected militants in Pakistan, as part of a joint counter-terrorism strategy agreed with the new civilian government in Islamabad, the Guardian London has claimed. That strategy will be supported by an aid package, potentially worth more than $7b (£3.55b), which is due to go before Congress for approval in the next few months.

The package would triple the amount of American non-military aid to Pakistan, and is aimed at “redefining” the bilateral relationship, US officials say.

According to the newspaper, Pakistan will also be given a “democracy dividend” of up to $1b, a reward for holding peaceful elections and forming a coalition government. Of that, $200m could be approved in the next few days. [Link]
A $1 billion democracy dividend! This is one hell of a scam. Where can I get some of this action?