Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last Republican Standing: Romney Suspends Campaign

At the CPAC conference, Mitt Romney has announced that he’s suspending his campaign. Given his lackluster performance on Super Tuesday, the low number of delegates he has so far garnered (which eliminates him mathematically), and, not to mention, the personal wealth he has personally staked to the campaign, it is no surprise he’s suspending his run.

Romney’s withdrawal is a sure sign that conservatives have run out of steam. They have no energy left. They gave it all to President Bush, who quickly squandered it. President George Bush was conservative as they come, and he’s been a disaster. Name any cherished conservative principle, and George Bush has trashed it. Whatever the results of Iraq, success or failure, the Bush Administration botched it from the beginning.

With no real choice other than to sit home, conservative will now, albeit reluctantly, throw their support over to McCain, whom they revile but will vote for anyway because an imperfect conservative is better than a perfect liberal.