Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Left Front's Audacity

I took much of August off for rest and relaxation. In the interim, I landed a new contract with a supermarket chain-- out of finance and into retail. It's a nice change of pace, I suppose. You may have noticed, I haven't blogged much lately either. No mood to write a single word. Nothing at all. Been doing lot of reading, though. Mostly fiction: the historical/mystery variety, anyway. The lazy summer days doesn't lend itself to heavy reading (or thinking, for that matter); I'll leave that to cold days of winter, when time moves at a glacial pace.

But I would like to make a brief comment about the Left Front's discomfort with the Indo-U.S. nuclear agreement. I'm quite pleased how agitated the Left Front has become over the deal which, without understanding all the particulars, sounds like a win-win for India. They finally reveal their true colors. So why is the Left Front so hot and bothered by it? It's not just knee-jerk anti-Americanism, which is to be expected.

The reason the Left Front opposes the nuclear deal is, simply, because China opposes it. And the Left Front does China's bidding: after all, they are their eagerly willing agents. That Left Front loyalty is, first and foremost, to China (and the odious, outdated ideology they represent), and India is a far second. This is historically consistent. The Left Front had no qualms carrying water for the Soviet Union during the Cold War; and later, after the Soviet Union collapsed, quickly switched its allegiance to China, whose economic and political model (capitalism without democracy or rule of law) the Left Front desparately wants to emulate. Read their mouthpieces, and leftist rags like Frontline, where they often praise China while accusing India of needlessly antagonizing the Red Dragon with unwarranted provocations.

Honestly, their behavior is borderline treasonous. Will anybody call them on this?