Monday, July 2, 2007

Left's Anti-Indian Credentials

While the Left Front is busy celebrating 30 years of continuous rule in West Bengal, there is a great article in Pragati reminding us, as it should, the duplicitous and treasonous nature of the various communist parties that make up the Left Front.

Whether paying paeans to Moscow, or to Peking, communists took money, arms and even orders from their ideological patrons. The communists were more than willing (and with plenty of enthusiasm) to undermine Indian sovereignty, which included raising underground organizations and infiltrating institutions, like the armed forces, all in the hope of creating a worker's paradise (with Chinese help), a hopeless task and a fool's errand.

Update: Offstumped offers more details in this great post. I concur with him that the government should investigates these allegations and bring the perpretrators (those that are still alive) to book. If nothing happens-- which is highly probable with this government-- we should do it for the sake of history.