Monday, April 2, 2007

Indian National Interest Launch Print Magazine

The Indian National Interest—a consortium of blogs about India—launched a print edition called Pragati, whose goal, according to its first editorial, is:
This first issue of Pragati expresses several of the themes that we care about dearly: economic freedom, realism in international relations, open society, a culture of tolerance and an emphasis on good governance. The environment, poverty eradication and rural development have long been appropriated by vested ideological and political interests, over which they have come to assert an exclusivity of sorts. We challenge these claims of intellectual monopoly: Pragati will deal with these issues with the seriousness they demand.
The inaugural issue of Pragati can be downloaded here. And if you’re not a subscriber to any of the blogs—I highly recommend Nitin Pai’s Acorn, which is always an excellent source of analysis—under the Indian National Interest’s banner, make sure you add their feeds to your favorite RSS reader; otherwise you are missing out on a lot of great writing.