Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coup In Pakistan?

The blog American Footprints links to an article about the possibility of a coup in Pakistan; which may, or may not, have the support of the United States.

Don’t know why the United States would want to get rid of Musharraf? Aside from the fact that they have found someone better they can do business with on the issue of terrorism, especially someone who is very keen on chasing after Taliban/Al-Qaeda elements along the Afghanistan border with increased vigor, which President Musharraf no longer does.

Or it could be the fact that President Musharraf has become increasingly autocratic of late: his constant refusal to shed his uniform, even after many promises to do so; his demand for another five-year term; lack of progress on the democratic front; etc.

It is highly unlikely any coup is in the works: nothing more than rumors planted to rattle Musharraf's cage. Nevertheless, President Musharraf seems unhinged, of late. Perhaps the time has come for him to go?