Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pakistan is Well Compensated

In an interesting letter published in DAWN, the writer thinks the United States should show a little more gratitude toward Pakistan, especially in the latter’s “dedication” to fighting what is essentially America’s war on its border with Afghanistan:

Pakistan armed forces have deployed their prime combat Cobra gunship helicopters, assets, munitions and troop-carrying helicopters and C-130 cargo planes to support this deployment logistically. These machines through continuous flying for years must have been close to the end of their useful combat flying life and more so in view of American embargoes in the past due to the Pressler amendment.

It is only fair that the American president should compensate Pakistan by supplying free of cost three squadrons of Apache gunship helicopters with complete guided munitions, two squadrons of cargo airlift helicopters and two squadrons of C-130 J Super Hercules cargo planes.
A tall order indeed! Never mind that Pakistan is receiving $3 billion in economic and military aid, the right to purchase F-16s, the cancellation of more than $1 billion in long-term debt and, not to mention, avoiding the opprobrium of being declared a terrorist state.

The writer is correct; the United States is quite ungrateful.